Evolution at work?

News today is about the Australians (although not all, I’d suggest) getting upset and worked up about Australian drug smugglers being executed.

There are many facets to this. Whether or not you agree with the death penalty for drug smuggling is a personal matter. I would suggest the death penalty for drugs smuggling is harsh.

However. Here’s the thing. If you go to a country which has the death penalty for drug smuggling, and you get caught smuggling drugs, guess what might happen? I’ll give you a clue, you won’t get a free XBox.

These guys were peddling death to Australians, and I don’t suspect they cared very much. They got caught. They’re now dead, executed by a country that widely advertises that it has a death penalty for drug smugglers.

So why should I care? I’m not going to celebrate anyone being killed, but stupid people are beyond help. And I detest drug smugglers. So sod ’em. It’s their own dumb fault. And the fact they got caught means some people might not die from taking their filth.

Anne Kirkbride – a poem

Anne Kirkbride

Has died.

She leaves a gap as wide

As the Pacific Ocean,

and I have a notion

that there is no potion

That can bring her back to The Street

Where we could meet

And maybe share a meat

and potato pie.

But we can’t, and I know why;

because Anne did die.

Je suis Charlie

Watching the people in Paris today, marching to show solidarity with the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ and supermarket casualties, was inspirational. Not much impresses me at 42, but this did. No trouble, no problems, just a million people walking together, singing, chanting, creating a suitable tribute to the victims of this week’s atrocities. World leaders, walking together. Israel and Palestine’s leaders, separated by 4 people.

Isn’t it a shame the world isn’t like this? Isn’t it time people just stopped killing each other?

The world sucks

I’m watching the news. Big mistake.

The Pakistan Taliban have murdered people at a school.

The Afghanistan Taliban, who frankly have a history of general violence and unwarranted killing, have criticised them. Presumably because they murdered the wrong sort of person.

Meanwhile, in Australia, another bloke killed two people who were having a coffee, having held the shop hostage, because some nutters in the middle east have decided that God wants them to kill westerners and he decided to do as they told him.

I think.

The human race is, frankly, f*cked.