Evolution at work?

News today is about the Australians (although not all, I’d suggest) getting upset and worked up about Australian drug smugglers being executed.

There are many facets to this. Whether or not you agree with the death penalty for drug smuggling is a personal matter. I would suggest the death penalty for drugs smuggling is harsh.

However. Here’s the thing. If you go to a country which has the death penalty for drug smuggling, and you get caught smuggling drugs, guess what might happen? I’ll give you a clue, you won’t get a free XBox.

These guys were peddling death to Australians, and I don’t suspect they cared very much. They got caught. They’re now dead, executed by a country that widely advertises that it has a death penalty for drug smugglers.

So why should I care? I’m not going to celebrate anyone being killed, but stupid people are beyond help. And I detest drug smugglers. So sod ’em. It’s their own dumb fault. And the fact they got caught means some people might not die from taking their filth.

Ta, PC World

Quick shout for the guys at PC World.

My HP laptop screen died last week, and as it was a warranty repair, it went off to PC World’s ‘Knowhow’ team. I took it on Wednesday; they promised return by the following Wednesday.

I picked it up today, Monday, two days earlier than they said, fully operational, with the keyboard working better than before (it’s always been a bit duff but is now usable). They’ve even bothered updating the BIOS. And, the guys in the branch were helpful, friendly and efficient.

Good job, chaps. I’ll buy from you again!

Sky TV

A quick note about Sky TV.

I got a letter yesterday. The price is going up by £4 a month. This takes the price to nearly £70 a month.

I could get rid, but I like the sports channels. I can’t have these without all the other shite on there I don’t watch, and if I get rid of Sports, they’ll charge me an extra tenner for the rewind/record/pause function – Sky+, which I like.

In other words, I either lose all my recordings, or live with it. I can’t get Virgin Media, and from what I hear they’re a bit rubbish anyway. I believe it’s what’s called having me ‘over a barrel’.

I hope Wayne Rooney enjoys my extra money – I’m sure that’s where the increase has gone, to pay for the new football deal – because Rooney is so poor already. He might even get free Sky for all I know.

Right now, I’ve got Sky on, and it’s playing adverts. I’m paying to have people sell me stuff. It’s ridiculous.

Robbing bastards.

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Yum. Liquorice Allsorts. Gimme some!

I’m currently on a mission to cut sugar. Completely. Nearly 2 weeks in, and I’m having mixed success.

Why, you may ask? Well, a couple of weeks ago on BBC TV there was a documentary on Sugar. To be fair, it said nothing new. In short, everything has too much sugar in it, it’s bad for you, and you should cut down. Fairly common logic, really. Particularly as I’d just driven home from work, and eaten a full bag of fruit pastilles, followed by a full bag of jelly beans. Big bags. And, I had no ill effects after this.

Obvious, then, that I’m heading for an appointment with Mr. Diabetes at some stage in the future. Life might not be a barrel of fun at the minute, but that doesn’t mean I want to make myself ill. So something has to be done.

So far, then, I’ve managed to cut sugar from my tea. It tastes disgusting, but I’m hoping I’ll get used to it. I’m also reading packets when we go shopping – my favourite Friday night treat, sweet and sour rice ready meal, is actually over 50% sugar, so it’s gone. But most telling is the almost entire eradication of sweets from my life.

I’ve lapsed twice; I have a spot for liquorice allsorts. Can’t help it. But rather than a bag a day – yes, I was eating that many – I’ve had two bags in a fortnight. So I’m doing OK.

However, there are two notable things. One, I don’t feel any better. In fact I feel a ton worse. I’m grumpier, more irritated and generally a thousand times more miserable than two weeks ago. And two, I’m still craving sweets. Right now, I’m desperate for a Mars bar. After two weeks! It’s hard work.

I am, however, saving a ton of money, which is a good thing because I haven’t got very much to spare. This is additional incentive to stick at it.

I’ll keep you informed how it’s going. Watch this space!