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A quick note about Sky TV.

I got a letter yesterday. The price is going up by £4 a month. This takes the price to nearly £70 a month.

I could get rid, but I like the sports channels. I can’t have these without all the other shite on there I don’t watch, and if I get rid of Sports, they’ll charge me an extra tenner for the rewind/record/pause function – Sky+, which I like.

In other words, I either lose all my recordings, or live with it. I can’t get Virgin Media, and from what I hear they’re a bit rubbish anyway. I believe it’s what’s called having me ‘over a barrel’.

I hope Wayne Rooney enjoys my extra money – I’m sure that’s where the increase has gone, to pay for the new football deal – because Rooney is so poor already. He might even get free Sky for all I know.

Right now, I’ve got Sky on, and it’s playing adverts. I’m paying to have people sell me stuff. It’s ridiculous.

Robbing bastards.

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