Radio shows you need in your life

I’m pretty active on social media, Twitter in particular. Too active, truthfully. I need to get out more.

However. I spend a lot of my time chatting with some rather marvellous people about stuff on the radio. One of life’s great pleasures is live tweeting to a show, and there are several shows that attract similar folk.

Most of these stations are digital, or even online only. Radio is changing. You can listen online, or via an app.

So; here’s a list. Not exhaustive, and if you think I’ve missed one; let me know. The links I’ve provided are designed to take you to a site that will give you more information, either a website, or Facebook/Twitter page. I’m not responsible for the content!

Oh – some of them overlap, clash, or are on at late hours; most of them are available on catchup, Mixcloud or similar. You’ve no excuse to miss them!


After the Gold Rush, alternate Sundays 5-7pm, Mad Wasp Radio. ‘Covering the singles charts of 1990-2007’.

Cabinet of Curiosities, alternate Wednesday Nights 8pm-10pm, Mad Wasp Radio. Each show has a theme; you can pretty much expect to hear anything if it fits the theme!

Champagne Supernova, Thursday, 9pm, Wad Wasp Radio. ’60 minutes of Britpop/Indie/Alternative bangers!’

Deeper 80’s, Wednesday 9pm-10pm, Maidstone Radio. The non-hits 80’s show presented by Darren Nicholls.

Diamond Lights Express, alternate Wednesday Nights, 8pm-10pm, Mad Wasp Radio. “Monthly Music show broadcasting on Mad Wasp Radio featuring tunes from 1970-2010!”

Fab to Far Out, Alternate Sundays 5-7pm, Mad Wasp Radio. 60’s retro songs.

Forgotten 80’s‘ – Sunday 9pm-11pm, Absolute Radio 80’s. 80’s tunes you don’t hear on the radio much.

Off the Chart, Tuesday 9pm, Mad Wasp Radio. ‘The ’80s chart show with a difference… and WHAT a difference.’

On This Day 80s, Oldies Online, Saturday 11am-1pm – plays tracks from the chart on the same day of broadcast, from each year. Some great megapixels, 12″ tunes; you’ll love it!

Pistols to Pulp, Thursday 7pm-9pm, Mad Wasp Radio. ‘Playing hits, obscurities and hidden gems from the years 1976-1996.’

Record Mirror Moves, Phonic FM. Plays tunes based on the contents of a selected copy of the ‘Record Mirror’. Really interesting show for fact-fans!

Sequins to Suburbs, Sunday 7pm-9pm, Mad Wasp Radio. 70’s retro fun, a regular listeners Favourite 5 choice; 2 hours well spent.

The 80s Time Machine, 2nd and 3rd Monday of the month, 8-10pm, Phonic FM. They’ll play anything from there 80’s, but just the once!

The Metal Institution, Wednesday 11-12pm, Mad Wasp Radio. Plays metal tunes – I do like some heavy metal, so it’s become essential listening (it’s repeated Monday 6am, which is when I tend to listen).

The Sun Always Shines on the Radio, Fridays 8-10pm, Mad Wasp Radio. ‘The show that will never knowingly play 2 songs from the same decade back to back’

Station links:

Mad Wasp Radio

Phonic FM

Absolute 80s

Oldies Online