About me

This is the personal website of Chris Tye.

I’ve been online for years. I used to go on local bulletin boards, with an Amiga 500 and a Supramodem 2400+. If you lived in Hull in the 1990’s, chances are you read my messages on Metnet, or Oddysey, or one of the other numerous Hull BBS’s in those days. Since those days, I’ve been a regular on the internet, and I’ve watched it grow to what it is today, from dial-up to broadband.

I work for a well-known high street bank, via Kwik Save, Iceland and a company in Hull that used to sell guttering. Since I finished 6th form in 1991, I’ve achieved an HND in Computing, a GCSE (2008) in Geology, and gained a Distinction in a Foundation Diploma in Fine Art – I’ve started the degree course,  at Craven College in Skipton.

I’m originally from Hull, I’ve ended up living in Pateley Bridge, I’m married but never had kids (through choice), and life’s OK, but frankly could be a whole lot better with a lottery win!

Thanks for dropping by my website; hopefully it’ll keep you interested for a bit.