It keeps snowing.

I hate snow. It’s slippery, cold, white muck. It makes my life difficult. It makes the roads tricky, it increases the traffic, it means my bin doesn’t get emptied for 4 weeks. It’s rubbish. People tell me how amazing it looks, and how kids love it, but these people usually don’t have to go to work, or go out, or do anything of importance. So they’re wrong.

When I win the lottery, I’m moving somewhere without snow. Like Spain. Or Morocco. Or The Moon. Anywhere that doesn’t have this white, fluffy, hell-from-the-sky annoying me and causing me unnecessary inconvenience, in fact. Then I can be annoyed by something else, like the Sun, for example.

Happy with the new website!

I’ve been fiddling with this website for years, and I’m finally reasonably happy with it. I’d love to know what you think. I’ve tried to keep it simple; there are share buttons, pages, information about me, and a blog.

If you aren’t using WordPress, then I really, really recommend it. It’s pretty good!

Anne Kirkbride – a poem

Anne Kirkbride

Has died.

She leaves a gap as wide

As the Pacific Ocean,

and I have a notion

that there is no potion

That can bring her back to The Street

Where we could meet

And maybe share a meat

and potato pie.

But we can’t, and I know why;

because Anne did die.

Je suis Charlie

Watching the people in Paris today, marching to show solidarity with the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ and supermarket casualties, was inspirational. Not much impresses me at 42, but this did. No trouble, no problems, just a million people walking together, singing, chanting, creating a suitable tribute to the victims of this week’s atrocities. World leaders, walking together. Israel and Palestine’s leaders, separated by 4 people.

Isn’t it a shame the world isn’t like this? Isn’t it time people just stopped killing each other?

The world sucks

I’m watching the news. Big mistake.

The Pakistan Taliban have murdered people at a school.

The Afghanistan Taliban, who frankly have a history of general violence and unwarranted killing, have criticised them. Presumably because they murdered the wrong sort of person.

Meanwhile, in Australia, another bloke killed two people who were having a coffee, having held the shop hostage, because some nutters in the middle east have decided that God wants them to kill westerners and he decided to do as they told him.

I think.

The human race is, frankly, f*cked.

Music channels

Mrs B is currently flicking through the music channels on our Sky box.

I’ll be brief. Save yourself the misery. It’s all crap. In fact, right now it seems to have got stuck on some video by an old boy band I’ve been lucky enough to forget over the years.

If it were up to me, I’d bin the telly. But, Mrs B likes it, and I’d miss the sports channels. Much better; take out a Spotify subscription, or buy a radio.

Who’s this cack. Backstreet boys? Who? Utter dross. I’m off for a bath.

Don’t believe the hype

A few observations about the latest overdose of saccharin from John Lewis.

That kid is way too old to be playing with stuffed toys. You’re never too old to own stuffed toys, but there comes an age when you need to move on to grown-up toys. At least they are toys, I suppose, because allowing penguins to be kept as pets is just wrong.

In addition, showing Christmas adverts at the start of November is ridiculous. The only reason that Christmas is now 1/6th of the entire year, is because the dream of a perfect Christmas that John Lewis are trying to sell you in this advert requires ridiculous amounts of money. Big retail owners don’t care about you having the perfect old fashioned Christmas. They care about how much money is in the till at closing time on December 24th, so they need to give you plenty of time to ensure you fall for the schmaltz and the hype, because clearly Christmas will be ruined if you don’t fill the house with crap toys for the kids, trees, decorations, lights, cake, yule log, pudding, Christmas dinner, sherry for Grandma, etc etc ad infinitum.

It’s dross. Stop falling for it!

Old blog

I’ve not bothered updating my old blog for nearly 2 years. I ran out of time and things to say, if I’m being honest.

However. If you want to read my old posts, then go ahead, some of them were OK. You’ll find them here;

Any new posts will be here. Makes more sense, I think.

Blog v 2.0

So, as I haven’t updated my old blog for about 2 years, I’ve decided to try and make some use of my own website. It appears that I can install WordPress, so I have.

Now, all I need to do is find the time to update it. And, find something to write about. However, it should be a bit more use than was previously the case – my website has been a holding page for about 5 years now.